Customer Testimonials

Dermaflage has been a real life-changer for many of our customers. Created by a special effects
make up designer, Dermaflage is an easy to use, and effective method of covering up scars,
wrinkles, and other skin blemishes. Watch the video for some first hand reviews of how it has
helped change lives, and see below for even more testimonials from delighted customers.



THERESA HORTON I wanted to tell how wonderful dermaflage works!!! I had a spot
on my face that was checked out for four years until they discovered it was skin
cancer. I have a scar from under my eye to my chin, it is located on my cheek. Our
daughter works for a dermatologist and I have laser treatments done every 3 months
which is helping. But I was still looking to find something else to help cover the scar.
I went to youtube to find a way to cover up scars without using makeup (which
makes it stand out more) and came across dermaflage. I have tried several different
products/makeup but nothing works as great as dermaflage. Dermaflage has given
me myself esteem back!! BTW, the dermatologist my daughter works for has also
referred this product to her patients. I would like to thank Matt Singer and his crew
for helping people out like me!!!


AMBER BENNET I had a shave biopsy done on 4.5.12 on my nose. I am hoping
the area fills back in and I am using Dermaflage in the meantime. I thought I would
give an update. I did order the product and tried it on the area today. While I did not
have much time to spend on perfecting the technique, it did fill in the divot. I am so
grateful. I really do not want to do dermabrasion, fillers, etc. because they are
dangerous and there are no guarantees that they will work. I just wanted a topical
filler that I could use to augment the small depression. Thank you so much
Dermaflage for giving me another option besides plastic surgery - I feel very
encouraged and I hope others will too.


BRENDA MCARTY I was a year old when I received my scar. I was playing with
my dog Shane. It's been thought that I had held the ball too close to my face and
Shane lunged for it. My parents heard the scream and found me laying on the floor. I
wasn't expected to live, but after hours of surgery, reconstruction, and 300 stitches, I
pulled through. My parents said, when I woke up, all I did was cry for my dog. I have
never known my face without the scar as I was told there was nothing that could be
done to diminish it. I have suffered my whole life being tormented and referred to as
"Scarface". I was hesitant to try Dermaflage as nothing before has ever worked. I
was floored when I saw my face for the very first time without my scar, I have never
known a day without it. looked into the mirror and for the first time in my life, I felt
normal. It was amazing and I was very excited to show it off to friends and family.


LIESL TREPPENDAHL The scars on my left cheek are the result of severe
cystic acne. I tried multiple products & expensive cosmetic procedures to minimize
and/or correct the scarring, with zero to little improvement, before discovering
Dermaflage. It is the ONLY thing I have found that is able to conceal my scars and
lessen their appearance. It has returned my confidence and self-esteem. I absolutely
love and swear by it. I have been using it for over a year. Sincerely,