Dermaflage Hints and Tips



For best results, follow these guidelines when applying Dermaflage.

We recommend you practice a few times.


  1.  How to use with Make-Up: First try using the filler without any make-up in the area of the scar, you may not need it! If you want to use make-up it goes underneath the primer (If you are using it.). Apply your make-up first, then apply a light coat of the primer before applying the filler.  A light dusting of a dry powder can be used on top of the filler.
  2.  Matching Your Skin Tone: A starter kit now contains only one skin tone. If the tone you receive is not right for you please let us know and we will exchange it for a different tone.
  3.  Cover One Area at a Time: Don’t try to cover too much at once. After the silicone blend has been squeezed out of the applicator, it begins to change from a liquid to a firm consistency.
  4.  Smoothing the Silicone Blend: Once you apply the silicone, you have about 30 seconds to use your finger to gently smooth the material into the scar and onto the skin on both sides before placing the pad.
  5.  Do Not Dab: Use smooth, even strokes. If done correctly, the transition between skin and silicone should be imperceptible.
  6.  Do Not Press Too Hard on the Pad: Pressing too hard will cause you to push the filler out of the scar before it sets.
  7.  Wait for the Silicone Blend to Set: Dermaflage typically sets in approximately two minutes. Make sure you time yourself.
  8. If you want more time to work with the material, put it in the refrigerator.
  9. If you want to speed up your application, add a dab of liquid soap to the pad and it will release the silicone faster.
  10. Cut the pad! You can cut the pad into whatever shape works best for you.
  11. Don’t use the primer while you are practicing! This is what makes it really stick! Peeling on and off several times in a row can be like ripping off a band aid- the skin will not like it!