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Dermaflage is a facial scar treatment that covers up scars (including acne scars), wrinkles and any type of skin blemish

Dermaflage Skin Care Topical Dermal Filler is the world's first retail product to invisibly mask blemishes and cover up scars.

If you want to use a scar concealer or dermal filler until now the choice has been between a make-up style scar concealer which wears off quickly or an injectable dermal filler which can leave you with lumps in your face.

Dermaflage scar concealer combines advanced Hollywood make-up techniques, can be worn with or without make-up and completely masks and covers up scars, pock marks, cuts, wrinkles and other skin imperfections. This scar treatment leaves your skin looking smooth and natural all day long. It is virtually undetectable, even in direct sunlight.

Until recently Dermaflage scar concealer was only available to dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

How does Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler hide scars and skin imperfections?

Dermaflage contains a patented blend of medical grade silicones, cosmetic pigments, and tiny coloured rayon fibres. When you mix these together they form a thin, safe silicone mask that looks exactly like your own skin. The Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler will cover scars up and can even fill in wrinkles.

Dermaflage works better than traditional foundation because it cannot be easily wiped off or smeared (although it is easily removed when needed).

How well does it go with make-up?

Dermaflage scar treatment is designed to work with or without make-up. But in fact you use it OVER make-up.

You get a Brush-on Primer that forms a barrier to prevent loss of adhesion due to oily skin or perspiration. And you also use this to seal your make-up, then you apply Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler over the top.

Who is it for?

Anyone with a scar or skin blemish can use Dermaflage Dermal Filler. If you have a blemish that keeps you from being yourself or if you just want to look years younger, try Dermaflage.

Dermaflage Dermal Filler is safe and effective for:
Scars, severe wrinkle lines, burns, cuts/abrasions, skin cancers, skin grafts, general skin trauma, dog bites, severe acne, large pores, surgical scars, discolourations, congenital defects and more...